Phone:  (706) 677-2248

160 Windmill Farm Road, Homer, GA 30547 

Carlton Speed, Sheriff

Dear Banks County Citizens,

I am humbled and extremely grateful for the opportunity to serve
as YOUR Sheriff for a second term.  I pledge to continue to work hard for progress in Banks County.  Banks County deserves nothing less than our local government securing the future for our next generation. 

I have dubbed this second term as "Concentration on Community
Outreach."  Our plans are to utilize allotted funds from S.P.L.O.S.T. to create a training center that will be used by citizens and deputies

alike.  Our goals this term are to:

  • Implement a Citizens Sheriff's Academy
  • Develop a citizen firearm safety course
  • Teen deputy training
  • Hold periodic citizen meetings 

Our team has produced an ever-expanding strategic plan which encompasses the vision, mission, values, goals, objectives, and strategies to meet those objectives throughout the year. This plan will enable us to provide the most professional, effective and efficient law enforcement services to the citizens of Banks County. This plan will also enable us to evaluate our goals and change our objectives/strategies as needed annually.  To read the report navigate to the Transparency page by clicking here.   

We have recently completed the process of receiving the status of State of Georgia Certification which mandates that our agency hold itself to the highest level of standards for law enforcement. This will ensure your Sheriff’s Office has obtained, through policy and procedure, the highest standards any law enforcement agency can obtain in the State of Georgia. As a certified agency, we will increase public trust, strengthen accountability, and limit liability exposure to the citizens we serve. We will increase the return on our investment by having up to date written directives which will also limit the risk and liability placed upon my staff. This will enable us to improve relationships within our communities and with those we work with. Simply stated, certification assures your priorities remain priorities and what gets measured is accomplished.

Lastly, I want to thank my dedicated staff for their professionalism and hard work in the changes that have come their way.  Rest assured, Banks County has the finest law enforcement professionals in the state.  I am proud and honored to call them "my deputies." 

Thank you for visiting our site and please feel free to use the site often.


Carlton Speed
Sheriff, Banks County