Phone:  (706) 677-2248

160 Windmill Farm Road, Homer, GA 30547 

Open Records and T.A.C.

Terminal Agency Coordinator

The purpose of the Terminal Agency Coordinator is to file various legal documents as required, to maintain all GCIC files for the agency, and to assist the public when as needed.  Additionally, the Terminal Agency Coordinator is responsible for:

  • Complying with requests submitted in accordance with the Georgia Open Records Act

  • Controlling and maintaining sheriff's office records

  • ​Accepting fees for various applications and background checks

  • Performing fingerprinting and background checks on various applicants.  These include, but are not necessarily limited to firearms permit applicants, liquor license applicants, and school employee applicants.

  • Maintaining in-county sex offender records (including photos) on the Georgia Bureau of Investigations website.

Please submit all Open Records requests to:

Banks County Sheriff's Office
Attn: Open Records

160 Windmill Farm Road
Homer, GA 30547
(706) 677-2248

​Or you may use the form below: