Phone:  (706) 677-2248

160 Windmill Farm Road, Homer, GA 30547 

Please direct all jail or inmate-related inquiries to the fillable form to the left.  This includes inquires regarding:

  • A Death Notification of an Inmate Family Member
  • General Information about charges, bond, the arrest process and visiting and phoning inmates incarcerated in the Banks County Jail
  • If you are an attorney and require information about access to incarcerated clients

To find information on an inmate who is currently incarcerated in the Banks County Jail click here.

Jail Information

The Banks County Jail is a male and female facility that houses minimum, medium, and maximum security inmates.  The jail was built in 2004 and is designed to house 60 local and state inmates.  Sworn and civilian staff supervise the facility which also includes Central Intake for all Banks County law enforcement agencies, Centralized Classification Intake assessment, an infirmary, and administrative offices.  Bond hearings take place at the Jail either by a visiting judge or video court.

There are specific rules which govern inmate behavior including visitation.  Click here to view the Banks County Jail Inmate Handbook.